Aluminium ingots and other recyclable non-ferrous metals

non-ferrous metals

Eggerding's Non-Ferrous Metals Division is specialized in the global supply chain solutions of high-quality secondary products, enabling the decarbonization pathways of the high impact end-user industries such as automotive, renewable energy, transportation, etc. Please feel free to send us an enquiry should you need anything that is not listed here.

Aluminium: Secondary ingots (RSI) and Billets

Wrought Alloys:

  • 5- series AlMg alloys: 5052, 5754, 5083, mixed 5xxx

  • 6- series AlSi alloys: 6061, 6063, mixed 6xxx

  • 3-series AlMn alloys: 3104, 3003, mixed 3xxx, UBC ingots

  • Others: 7075, Al 96/97/98, and many more

Casting Alloys:

  • ADC6, ADC12, LM6, AlSi9Cu3, etc.

  • Certifications including: ISO9001, ISO14001, ASI, IATF16949, etc.

Recycled Metals as per ISRI:

  • Aluminium alloys: TELIC, TATA, TUTU, TAINT/ TABOR, TABLET, etc.

  • Copper and Brass alloys: NO.1 MILLBERRY, NO.2 BIRCH/ CLIFF, CLOVE, etc.

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